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Best slot machines to play and win big


What are you looking for in a slot machine? It may sound like a very simple question, but we know that players have dozens of reasons to play, profit often being a secondary goal.

But today we want to look at the best slot machines you can play to win big. We can’t guarantee results, but

Best slot machines to play

There are two kinds of slots to look at if you want the best. Big jackpot slots and best return to player ratio. These are two largely different things.

Big jackpot slots – beginners see it as a potential prize. Experienced players know that this is mostly a flashy ad, a click-bit name, a neon sign to draw the players in. You want $7 million jackpot? Spin away!


The problem is to actually qualify (not to win) for the jackpot, you often have to up your bet from the minimum significantly. And then, in most cases, it’s only a matter of time until you get to deposit again – for obvious reasons.

Best Return to Player Ratio – these are 98.x% and 99.x% slots. Even though RTP is theoretical and does not guarantee that you will get 99% of your money in a 100 or a 1,000 spins, that’s great news. After all, you don’t want it to stop you from winning big.

Best RTP ratio slots are the best slot machines to play, online or in a live setting for a simple reason – every slot machine has a jackpot. Sometimes it’s $10,000, other times it’s $100,000. Yeah, it may not be as sexy as $7 million jackpot but at least you get a REAL chance to win.

Best slot machines to play in 2018

freaky fruit

While you are free to explore the best RTP slots in the casino of your choice, here is a short list of the best slot machines to play in most casinos:

  • Freaky Fruit
  • Twin Spin
  • Zuma Slots
  • Ramesses Riches

And before we move forward, we want to encourage you to check out different games. Always. Not only the new ones that are promoted most by the casino, but even those with low graphics on the very bottom of the page slots that anyone visits anymore. You can look at it as an adventure to find a treasure! You already have the map!