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Exploring online games: how to play craps


In the world of online games, craps strategy sits pretty low in terms of least confusing. Even roulette board is easier to understand because, in essence, you have to choose only the number or range of numbers to choose from.

On the other hand, craps has bets like Pass and Come.

However, if you spend some time learning the game, you will find it one of the most enjoyable experiences among online games. And that’s a promise.

Today we want to help you explore craps.

Craps: The Basics

craps basics

Don’t worry about craps strategy for now. Imagine that we are talking about simply rolling dice and expecting a certain outcome. In craps you get to roll two dice, meaning that there are 11 different numbers that can be rolled in a variety of ways.

7 is the strongest because there are 6 ways you can roll, then 6s and 8s with 5 ways, and so on.

The game starts (in a casino it is when the dice are passed to a new player) by establishing a starting point. Unless the player first rolls a 7 or 11. If there is 4,5, six, 8, nine or 10 rolled, then you bet for or against that point.

Keep in mind that in craps you cannot bet any amount. You bet in increments based on what kinds of a bet you want to make. Pass bets have increments of $5, while betting on a 6 or 8 will require a minimum of $6.

Learning craps

learning craps

We highly recommend starting to learn craps strategy online. Instead of a relatively high for a beginner starting point of $5 minimum in a casino, online you get to play for free.

This allows you to make any kinds of mistakes and seeing how your virtual bankroll changes. To start, you can make a bet on the Pass line, which offers the best odds (here the casino has only a 1.41% edge). This bet wins even money if the player rolls a 7 or 11.

In the same case, a Don’t Pass line wins if a player rolls 2, 3 or 12.

Take it slow

There is much more to craps strategy but learn the advanced strategies, you first need to learn the rules. There is a lot to learn but by starting slow, you will get into the game and learn it step by step. Though, this is best done on a free craps tables online or just take a $100 to the casino and see what the fuss is all about.

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